Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Road trip continues, leaving Utah across the deserts of Nevada along the Extraterrestrial Highway, (post 4) By David Keegan

Road Trip Denver to San Francisco

Leaving Utah across the Nevada desert and into Yosemite National Park California.

Leaving Cedar City Utah along Freeway 15 we have a long day’s drive ahead. The road trip continues with this leg taking us through proper desert. My kinda fun if a little scary!! Leaving the Freeway just past Cristal onto highway 93, the road sign reads: No Fuel Food or Truck Stops next 150 miles be sure you have full tank of gas, drinking water and that the car is in good order. 

The Road Ahead

& The Road Behind

When The Machine Stopped Working

Along the way this drive takes us onto highway 375 across on what is also known as the extra-terrestrial highway, I guess that means a lot of people have claimed to see UFOs along with way. It’s also the nearest town to Area 51 and the Nellis air force range with a tiny population of just 54. Given the intensity of the desert sun and the quality of light it creates it’s hardly surprising, but all we see is a couple of military aircraft fly by and the abandoned Tonopah Station, which, though eerie, is short on little green men, or indeed any signs of life bar a couple of rooks who keep lookout from the old lampposts!!
You can read more of the fascinating history of Rachel by following this link to Wikipedia but watch out for low flying craft!!

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