Sunday, 26 July 2015

Picture post part(5) Takhaung Mwetaw Pagoda,Inle Lake Burma and around by David Keegan

Takhaung Mwetaw Pagoda, Inle Lake

We stooped along the banks of Inle Lake on our return journey from Sagar. There is a great restaurant nearby serving good food. To my mind this place is as interesting, if not more so, than Indein but i guess receives far fewer visitors due to distance. If you are visiting Inle don’t miss it!! There was a gentle breeze blowing as i wandered around the Stupa and Pagoda to the gentle tinkling of the chimes atop the towering pinnacles of the Stupas, Enchanting and no other visitors. If you scroll to bottom of post you will not they also distil the local hooch nearby, which you can buy.

In the vicinity of the temple and Stupas

Local distillery

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