Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Series of picture posts, Singapore Botanic Gardens 2015, post (1) Orchids By David Keegan

Singapore Botanic Gardens 
The Botanic Gardens in Singapore was founded at its present site in 1859 by the an agri-horticultural society with Lawrence Niven appointed as superintendent and landscape designer to turn what were essentially overgrown plantations and a tangle of virgin rain-forest into a public park. The layout of the Gardens as it is today is largely based on Niven's design. The Agri Horticultural Society, however, ran out of funds and, in 1874, the colonial government took over the management of the Gardens. It is also the only Botanic garden in the world to be honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

(Post 1)
The National Orchid Garden, within the main UNESCO World Heritage Listed  gardens, is at the forefront of orchid studies and a pioneer in the cultivation of hybrids, complementing the nation's status as a major exporter of cut orchids. Aided by the equatorial climate, it houses the largest orchid collection of 1,200 species and 2,000 hybrids.

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