Sunday, 8 November 2015

Road trip Denver to San Francisco continues, leaving Nevada, (post 5) By David Keegan

Road Trip Denver to San Francisco

Leaving Nevada desert and into Yosemite National Park California  and stopping off at Jan's Ranch just outside Jamestown Tuolumne County CA.

After 5 days drive through the desert this leg of the journey finally sees us leave the desert behind as we enter Yosemite National Park, and on to a little town called Jamestown and a ranch belonging to a friend that i have wanted to visit for a few years now. Of course this year you cannot arrive in California without being aware of some of the worst forest fires in the state’s history. Some of the pictures below, taken in Yosemite, show some of the destruction caused by fire, but i was also keenly aware of the ever present danger at Jan's as the sound of sirens was never far off followed by helicopters and water planes. Jan tells me this has been the situation day and night for the last couple of months. The fact that state is in its fourth year of drought does not help either. For me it has provided the inspiration for an instillation project i am currently working on.

Salt plains

Yosemite National Park

Fire damaged forestry Yosemite

Jamestown CA

The road to Jans farm in the evening light lights up the fading grass stalks that give it its ubiquitous Golden Hill of California name. 

Main street Jamestown

Jamestown is full of vintage and antique stores full of all sorts of curios

Sunset over Yoesmite

Jan feeding the donkeys

Jan's newly built barn captured at sunrise a think of real beauty

Jan's vintage Beetle think its a 1968 which I got to drive, Wow what an experience!!

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