Sunday, 16 August 2015

Picture post part (8) Botanical Gardens, Penang, Malaysia, by David Keegan

Botanic Gardens Penang Malaysia

No visit to Penang Island is complete without a visit to the Botanic gardens. Once known as the waterfall gardens and situated at the end of waterfall road, apt, no longer so as it is not possible to visit the waterfall anymore which is now controlled by the water utilities company with access for the public prohibited. The gardens are none the less well worth a visit, although I would strongly advise an umbrella for shade from the relentless power of the sun, and plenty of water to hydrate, its hot and humid, in fact very hot and very humid. Penang Botanic gardens was created in 1884 by Nathaniel Cantley, Superintendent of the Singapore Botanic Gardens along with Charles Curtis whom he appointed as his assistant Superintendent. Curtis would go on to become Superintendent and is largely responsible for the gardens transformation from granite quarry to the gardens we see today. Macaque monkey is a common sight in the gardens, but be warned they should be approached with caution as they can be quite aggressive. Rule of thumb never feed them. If you are fortunate enough you may also spot the Dusky Leaf Monkey, you need to look high into the tree canopy where they tend to spend all their time unlike the ground loving Macaque.  Another spectacular sight is the Cannonball tree especially when the flowers are open. This is not however a native tree but originates from South America.  Monkeys can often be seen feasting on the flowers and fruits.


The elusive Dusky Tree Monkey

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