Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pictures from around Manchester by David Keegan

Manchester North West UK

Update September 2015

One of my favourite new building  in Manchester getting a window clean. St Peters Square Manchester

A gentle curve of glass and stone

Again i love this view, Piccadilly tower in the distance, successful architectural focal point creates a powerful visual dynamic sadly missing in most contemporary streets-capes.

Reflections between old and new, St Peters Square library recently and wonderfully refurbished and restored, a must see for anyone visiting Manchester

The ubiquitous red telephone box here beside arched walk part of rear town hall Gothic revival masterpiece

Sunlight on the Canal

The wonderful period piece Palace Hotel 

Palace Hotel clock tower

Manchester under siege The Midland Hotel from behind foreground roadworks. 

St Peters Square Library and to right part of the town hall Gothic revival masterpiece. Sadly this is not a good time to visit Manchester as virtually every street is in a state of chaos due to any number of roadworks 2015 and due to continue until about 2018. If you want to visit Manchester wait a couple of years!! If I was a tourist visiting Manchester right now i would be very disappointed.

Older pictures
Reflections in the canal

Bridgewater Hall with view of the slab in the background, otherwise know as Beetham Tower, an ugly building posing as modern architecture.

Side view of the Midland Hotel Manchester

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