Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Picture post part ( 6) Round and about Inle Lake, Burma, by David Keegan

Around and About Inle lake

Inle Lake shimmering in the early morning sunlight like some precious ghostly jewel. It is a place like no other with its crystal clear and icy calm waters, it fishermen, along with its many lake side towns, pagodas and stupas. I have read some really inane comments on Trip Advisor, some suggesting that Inle is nothing special and is just like many other lakes around the world, the other that the one legged fishermen don’t really fish that way anymore and its now a tourist gimmick. Well they are both wrong. This is not Disneyland, or a circus, its magical place that was closed to the outside world for many many years. Yes there are those who will perform for the tourist dollar, but the fishermen of Inle still fish in the traditional manner, you just have to venture onto the lake proper early in the morning to see them and not just stop at the mouth of the lake. This is one on the most magical and unique landscapes on earth so  if you are going to travel half way around the globe to see it use a bit of common sense, do some research to get the most from your trip. Chances are you will only ever visit this place once in a lifetime so give it the attention, time and respect it deserves.

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